The 44th CNI day was celebrated with much fanfare and gaiety on November 29, 2013 at CNI Bhavan, New Delhi. Present on the occasion were representatives from NCCI, World Vision India, Christian Today, Habitat for Humanity, The Leprosy Mission, Jesus Calls and HCDI. Also present on the occasion were the CNI Synod Secretariat staff and office bearers of the CNI SBSS and SBHS.

The programme began with a prayer led by Revd. Dr. Paul Swarup, Presbyter in charge, The Cathedral Church of the Redemption followed by Mr. Alwan Maish, General Secretary, CNI Synod hoisting the CNI flag. 

The members joined in the thanksgiving service in the CNI chapel. The Revd. Dr. Paul Swarup was the preacher and celebrant. It was truly an ecumenical worship as members from the different Church organizations participated in the Scripture readings and prayers.

The Revd. Dr. Paul Swarup in his sermon on John 17 vs. 17-26 emphasized on the challenges ahead of us as a united church. He enlightened the members about the strenuous committed process of forty years which led in to the Union to form the Church of North India on November 29, 1970 in Nagpur. Reflecting on the biblical verse he gave following four aspects to be pondered upon to achieve the CNI priorities in coming time. 

  • To be rooted in Christ, to preach his word.

  • E:\Old HDD Data\C Data\Desktop\CNI DAY 2013\IMG_0240.JPGUnity – remaining in Christ, for the world to believe that Jesus was sent by the Father.

  • Making Christ known to others.

  • Sharing the love of Christ – Love one another as He loved us.

These 43 years of united journey has not been a smooth journey. There has been many challenges, ups and downs, but we have survived all through His grace, shared Mr. Alwan Masih, General Secretary, CNI Synod. He was welcoming the guests and dignitaries present at the service. He further shared the history of CNI, its richness in diversity of cultures. While the journey was hard yet we have been able to achieve and create a milestone. Some of the achievements have been focusing on Evangelism, diaconal ministry – caring for the orphan children through the Health ministry and restarting the Hostel Ministry through the PDS model through the Stewardship Ambassadors Ministry.

The members together said a prayer of commitment affirming that “today we affirm our solidarity with women, the poor, the outcaste and all victims of violence the world over reaching out to them not in acts of charity but with the understanding that our salvation comes from them.”

A cake to celebrate the CNI Birthday, was cut by the General Secretary and the members joined in a fellowship tea.

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